Focus Areas

We are looking for steel pipe, tube or profiles that are not currently being manufactured at our facilities..

How Do We Partner?

At Borusan Mannesmann CoIN, we aim to develop minimum viable products (MVP).

Our goal is to collaborate with universities, researchers, start-ups, companies, and entrepreneurs for developing solutions in our focus areas.If you have an idea or solution to one of our focus areas and need support in building or developing it, please fill in the form and share your idea/solution with us. You may disclose the details of your idea after a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been mutually signed.But first, we kindly ask you to share a summary of your idea/solution to be evaluated by our team.

Borusan Mannesmann

About Innovation Team

We’re a team with specific experiences and skills in technical, digital and commercial areas and we look forward to working with innovators that have a game-changing idea or solutions to the problems that we need to solve. Our innovation team runs more quickly with Agile methods, unlike other departments in a big company. With our collaborative innovation network (CoIN) platform, we are aware time is critical and we need to move quick to match your pace.

For Students

We offer students a unique opportunity! Are you an innovative and result-oriented person who can work in a collaborative environment? The CoIN platform has a special offer for you!

Borusan Mannesmann


Borusan Mannesmann brings its experience, expertise, and passion worldwide since 1958 with its state-of-the-art pipes addressing all areas ranging from automotive to construction, energy to machinery production.

The first industrial enterprise of one of Turkey’s foremost business conglomerates, the Borusan Group, Borusan Mannesmann marked its 60th anniversary in 2018. Having operated with a global vision since its inception, the company merged its operations with Europe’s leading steel and technology firm Salzgitter Mannesmann GMBH in 1998. Borusan Mannesmann continues its operations as a global brand with 1,945 employees offering more than 4,000 product varieties. Its 7 facilities across 3 continents, and high sales volume have placed it on the map as a leading manufacturer in Europe and the world in the steel pipe industry.


We believe the ideas and solutions outside our company borders are vast. Let’s bring ideas and solutions together, by combining the advantages of game changing solution/idea you have with our 62 years of global experience. Our journey together might just start by filling out our application form.


If you have an idea or solution, please answer the questions below and would prefer you to add your solution/idea with no more than 20 slides in PDF format.


Your idea or technique for the solution in the PDF file should address the following:


  • How will your solution or idea apply to the focus area or to Borusan Mannesmann
  • Your company's technology and how you apply it to solve the problem
  • The team's history and expertise