Focus Areas


Do you have a solution to one of our focus areas or do you have a solution that you need to grow with?


If you have an idea, a prototype or a ready solution to one of our focus area, we would love to hear from you using the application.


Open to all universities, faculty members, researchers, start-up companies, private companies, entrepreneurs that have an idea or a solution to our focus areas.

Looking for applications and solutions that can detect a leakage and send a warning instantly.

Looking for solutions that will constantly measure and report stress on steel pipes that are in the operating environment.

Seeking innovative coating types and applications that would increase the corrosion resistance of pipes, accelerate flow and / or have smart features.

Alternative solutions for pipe connections are being sought out, that can be both cost effective and the connecting of the pipes be fast.



If you have something that doesn’t quite fit—but you think it might peak our interest—we’d still like to hear about it.