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Leakage Detection


Leakage Detection

It is inevitable that a leakage may occur as a result of environmental conditions that a steel pipe is exposed to over time, either by an impact or due to corrosive environment where the steel pipe is operating in. For this reason, we are looking for applications and solutions that can detect a leakage and send a warning instantly.

General Specifications

Environmental conditions per application:


The solution applies to the following applications:


  • Line pipes
  • Mechanical installation and fire extinguishing systems
  • Pipes and tubes used in any industrial field


The proposed solution or application must be applicable before, during or after installation. In addition, the relevant product must comply with the operating conditions. If you do not already have a working solution, specific environmental conditions and specification details will be provided following the signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement Form(NDA).


Do You Need More Information?

More Information

Please fill in the form below, then download NDA Agreement and send document with original signature to us (Borusan Mannesmann Innovation Team - Meclisi Mebusan Cad. No:37 Salıpazarı/Istanbul 34427). After recieving your documents our team is going to inform you about details.

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If you have an idea or solution, please answer the questions below and would prefer you to add your solution/idea with no more than 20 slides in PDF format.


Your idea or technique for the solution in the PDF file should address the following:


  • How will your solution or idea apply to the focus area or to Borusan Mannesmann
  • Your company's technology and how you apply it to solve the problem
  • The team's history and expertise