What Should You Do?

Share your suggestions for a new product that we do not currently manufacture by filling in the application form together with a presentation if you have prepared!


Our expert team will review your pitch deck and will carefully analyze and decide if it's feasible.

Working Together

If our team decides your new steel pipe product idea or solution to one of our focus areas you applied for is feasible, we will contact you and start working on the idea with our Borusan Mannesmann engineers.

Reasons for students to work with us

Global Experience

Borusan Mannesmann has 7 facilities on 3 continents. It's a global production company and a key player in the global steel pipe and tubes industry. You will get a unique experience working with us!


Our engineer and technical team have an outstanding track record and they are experts in their field. You will benefit from this expertise and learn so many things from them.


In addition to experiencing and learning new things, as a student, you may earn a scholarship for your education, a trip to an international conference or our plant, a laptop, monthly cash, etc. Details will be decided according to the project.


We believe the ideas and solutions outside our company borders are vast. Let’s bring ideas and solutions together, by combining the advantages of game changing solution/idea you have with our 62 years of global experience. Our journey together might just start by filling out our application form.


If you have an idea or solution, please answer the questions below and would prefer you to add your solution/idea with no more than 20 slides in PDF format.


Your idea or technique for the solution in the PDF file should address the following:


  • How will your solution or idea apply to the focus area or to Borusan Mannesmann
  • Your company's technology and how you apply it to solve the problem
  • The team's history and expertise