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Do you have a solution to one of our focus areas or do you have a solution that you need to grow with?


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Fill out the form, download the Non-Disclosure Agreement , sign it and send it to us to get details about special environmental conditions and specification



After submitting the apply form, our innovation team will review your application.

How We Partner

Borusan Mannesmann seeks to create minimal viable products. With our call for innovation, we are looking to collaborate with universities, faculty members, researchers, start-up companies, private companies, entrepreneurs that are developing solutions in our focus areas. Furthermore, if you have a solution related to the steel pipe industry and need support in building it and/or improving it please fill out the form to submit your idea. The outcome is never certain and the process requires persistence, empowerment and a clear approach. Ours is all about testing and validating our assumptions before we build. This ensures innovations are desirable, feasible and viable and we deliver impactful solutions. Once ready to scale, we can negotiate and either integrate your solution to our business or evaluate co-investment opportunities.

If you have an idea to one of our Focus Area:

After submitting the form, our innovation team will review your application. If we need extra information, we will contact you and ask you to fill out and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form. Upon receiving the NDA form, our innovation team will provide you with the necessary information specific to the focus area.


If we find your idea/solution viable, you will team-up with our innovation experts and work towards a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

If you have an idea that is not listed as one of our Focus Area:

We’re always seeking for new ways to do things better, faster, cost effective. To move out of our comfort zone, even beyond steel pipe manufacturing. Therefore, we are always striving to improve not only in our existing business, but also in providing our customers with new disruptive services and products.


So, if you have an idea/solution please fill out the application form and submit a PDF pitch-deck about you and your idea/solution for our innovation team to review it.


If we find your idea/solution viable, you will team-up with our innovation experts and work towards a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


This is how we set you up for success:


  • Engaging work environment
  • Providing production facilities
  • Committed business coaches
  • Support from dedicated professional teams
  • Access to key skills and knowledge about products, methods and regulations
  • Weekly meetings to keep motivation going


We believe the ideas and solutions outside our company borders are vast. Let’s bring ideas and solutions together, by combining the advantages of game changing solution/idea you have with our 62 years of global experience. Our journey together might just start by filling out our application form.


If you have an idea or solution, please answer the questions below and would prefer you to add your solution/idea with no more than 20 slides in PDF format.


Your idea or technique for the solution in the PDF file should address the following:


  • How will your solution or idea apply to the focus area or to Borusan Mannesmann
  • Your company's technology and how you apply it to solve the problem
  • The team's history and expertise